The Lumberyard for Model Shipwrights Inc is excited to announce a new line of cannons.  These are finely detailed, scale cast pewter, produced exclusively for the Lumberyard. We also offer CNC precision milled black acrylic cannons.

The laser cut carriages offered will fit either of the above cannon types.

Cast Pewter Cannons (click to open/close)
These cannons have been etched and chemically blackened to produce an antique black finish.  Some of the black will come off on your hands when you first handle the cannons. Use a soft cloth and gently rub the excess black off to produce a black gun metal finish.

Cast pewter cannons are available in sizes from swivel guns to 32 pound.

CNC Milled Black Acrylic Cannons (click to open/close)

Cannons are precision CNC turned to exact tolerances from black acrylic. The core and trunnion holes are drilled. Cannons come with machined trunnions.

All cannons are 1:48 scale. 6 lb. and 12 lb. are available in 3/16" scale also.

Black acrylic cannons are available in sizes from swivel gun to 32 pound.

Carriages (click to open/close)

Carriages are offered for 32 pound to 4 pound cannons. All size carriages are laser cut in sheets of Swiss Pear wood with 4 carriages per sheet.