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Measuring from beam 9 to beam 10 (click to open/close)
With the deck finished back to beam number 9 we will now move towards the stern. When building the deck, it is done in sections so not to propitiate any accumulative errors. Take a measurement from deck beam 9 to deck beam 10. This is done to locate beam number 10 in the hull so a measurement stick can be used to determine the length of the beam.
Using measuring sticks (click to open/close)
Once the location of beam 10 is set, beams 11 and 12 are also located. Measuring sticks are then used for the length of these beams
Measuring the beams (click to open/close)
Remove the measuring stick for beam 10 and measure it. Take the number and divide it in half. Starting at the center of the notch measure to the end of the beam. As a final check measure the beam from mark to mark.
Cutting the beams (click to open/close)

Once the beams are marked for their length they are cut down to fit the hull. You don’t want the beams to fit tight in the hull so give yourself a little play to move them back and forth to allow adjustments when squaring up the carlings.
Assembling mast partners and knees (click to open/close)
Deck beams 11 and 12 along with the mast partners and knees are assembled outside the hull. Begin by gluing the two halves of the mast partners together, then clamping them between the beams. Use the lodging knees at the ends of the beams to insure the mast partners sit square and beams 11 and 12 are parallel. Do not glue the knees in place at this time they will have to be notched for the hanging knees and adjusted to fit the hull.
Removing soot (click to open/close)
Soot from the laser cutting will smear from handling the pieces. Before parts are glued into place the pieces are scrapped with a razor blade to clean them up. Glue together the two mast partner knees and clean up the soot. These knees are glued in place before the unit is placed into the hull.
Examine the fit between the knees (click to open/close)
Taking a very close look at the fit between the hanging and lodging knee the fit is very tight. The gap above the nickel between the knee and the beam will close up once a clamp is applied and also pulling the seam closed between the between the notch in the lodging knee and the hanging knee.
Placement of deck beam 10 (click to open/close)
When the mast partners and knees are glued in place the lodging knees are removed and the unit is placed in the hull. Deck beam 10 is now put in place and the carlings added. The same steps that were done with beams 6 and 7 were also done between beams 10 and 9 to check the distance for both the carlings and knees to insure both will fit snug within the space between beams. With deck beams 10, 11 and 12 in place beams 14 and 15 which support the skylight are measured out.
Installing carlings and half beams (click to open/close)
Carlings are in place from deck beam 9 to beam 15. The next step will be to install the half beams and deck beams 13, 16 and 17. Once these beams are in place the knees and ledges are placed in the deck structure.

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