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Cutting lodging knees (click to open/close)
The first three lodging knees at the bow are cut over size. Everyone will have a slightly different shape to the hull so the knees have to be shaped to fit. First take each set of knees and shape them to fit against the hull.
Cut knees oversize (click to open/close)
The knees are cut quite a bit oversize giving plenty of room for fitting.
Fit deck beams with carlings (click to open/close)
Fit deck beams 1, 2 and 3 in place with the carlings. Then continue to cut a notch for the hanging knee and fit the lodging knees in place between the beck beams.
View complete deck (click to open/close)

Here we see the deck complete from beam 4 to the breasthook around the bow.
Notching stern timbers (click to open/close)
At the stern the deck ends at the stern timbers. A notch was cut into each stern timber to seat the deck transom. Deck beam 17 sits on the wing transom.
Notice differences (click to open/close)
You will see a difference between the plans and the deck as built. The plans show two ledges between beams 16 and 17. The deck as built shows only one ledge, the reason being, any differences in the deck as built were adjusted at this point. On the model, the deck was a bit to long so the last knee was cut short and one ledge was installed.
Deck transom will be high (click to open/close)
Looking at the stern from deck level the deck transom is a little high at the ends. This will be taken care of once the deck is finished sanded.

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