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Placing wales on hull (click to open/close)
Before the port sills are put into place the wales have to be on the hull. The wales take a curve from the bow to the stern, its this curve that sets the height of the sills. The top of the port sill is even with the top edge of the wales. The little blocks between the frames are to hold the frame under the sill in place, until the port sill is installed.
Adjusting the height of the frame (click to open/close)
On the left the sill is in place. On the right, the height of the frame directly under the sill may or may not have to be adjusted so the sill is even with the wale. Fitting the sill tight to the wale requires sanding of the bulwarks. The fit against the inside of the bulwarks does not have to be perfect, planking will cover this seam.
Forming a tight fit around the timber and the wale (click to open/close)
Looking at the hull from the outside the port sill forms a nice tight fit around the top timber and against the wale.
Examining how the sills fit to the hull (click to open/close)

On an inside view you can see how the sills fit to the hull. The space under the sill is where the waterway goes. In actual ship building a spike would be driven through the two side extensions and into the top timbers. The sill would also sit on top of the waterway.

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