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Glue and clamp waterway to bulwarks (click to open/close)
The waterway is one piece and its glued and clamped to the bulwarks.
The waterway fits snugly (click to open/close)
The waterway fits snug on top of the deck and under the gun port sills.
Fixing a possible mistake (click to open/close)
If the gun port sill was not set proper, and either the waterway will not fit under it or the sill is too high and it does not rest on the waterway, don’t worry. Use needle nose pliers and grab the sill then bust it out. It's not going to come out in one piece, but that’s fine, contact the lumber yard and let them know you need a replacement.
Grind out leftover pieces (click to open/close)

What I didn't break out, I ground out with the Dremel. Keep a steady hand and don't hit the top edge of the wales.
Clean out extra wood with a knife (click to open/close)
There will be a little wood left in the corners. At this point use a knife and clean out any wood left.
Replace gun port sills if needed (click to open/close)
When the waterway is set in place you can go back and replace any gun port sills.

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