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Weight: 26
Grain: Straight.

Figure: The wood is a cream color with very little to no pattern from grain.

Texture: A soft wood with a very smooth, even texture.

Properties: A top quality wood for carving with a knife. Machining qualities are poor because the wood tends to rip or crush under the pressure of a cutting tool. Basswood is weak and tends to break when cut into small parts. Sawing produces a wooly surface that sands easily. Finishing usually requires a sealer.

Uses: The principle use of the wood is cutting lifts for solid hull construction or blocks for carving hulls. The easiness of carving makes Basswood suitable for the joinery work in deck framing. Usable as deck planking and the first layer of planking in plank-on-bulkhead hulls.

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Basswood Rough Board - 2" x 3" x 24"
2" X 3" X 24"

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