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Begin the flower grouping by making a cut between the pedals. Don't try to make this cut to deep it should be only enough to stop the next cut from chipping into the pedal next to it. Next start at the center of the pedal and chip the wood towards the cut.
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A flower pedal is actually spoon shaped but these are so tiny only the illusion of pedals is needed. Creating a play on shadow and highlights is done by cutting angles or facets.

As you back away from the piece the facets will look like the individual pedals of the flowers. This will complete the drapes and flowers, and the next step is the center figure. Study the figure to determine the lowest point of the carving, this is where the carving begins. In this piece it will be the chest area. Gouge out this area to a comfortable depth, that is to say deep enough to define it. We will need to go back to this area as the carving progresses to deepen it. But for now we only need to do is define it. Also two gouges have been made at the collar and shoulder.

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