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The main objective is to provide the serious model builder with an alternative from building plank-on-bulkhead kits or having to develop plans and materials for scratch building.

The timbering sets are produced on a limited run of selected hardwoods. They are designed to maintain the integrity of scratch building by offering precision laser cut deck beams, stern frames, keel assembly and the building jig. Milled stock is provided for framing and various hull timbering. A timbering set includes the materials to construct a complete skeleton of the hull.

The plans are drawn by Harold Hahn and based on the original Admiralty draughts. Plans have deck layouts, constructional drawings and all frames are fully drawn.

The models: by offering timbering sets without masting, fittings, hull and deck planking, allow the builder the option of custom finishing a model in a number of styles and materials.

 Shown below is a sampling of the steps that Mr. Hahn uses in the building of his models. The pictures below are of the "Hannah".

Cutting out the frames to the pattern (click to open/close)
The first step in assembling the frames in the jig (click to open/close)
The wales and the first strakes are fastened to the frames (click to open/close)
The assembly of the stern. The planking completed. (click to open/close)

The hull, cut loose from the jig (click to open/close)
The deck framing completed (click to open/close)

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