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The new stern blocks (click to open/close)
The original kit provided stern blocks which had to be cut and shaped. This required a scroll saw, disk sander and drum sander. It would be difficult to shape the blocks by carving and sanding by hand. In the revised kit, roughed out stern blocks are provided. These blocks are not the final shape and once epoxied to the last bulkhead they are sanded to match the curve of the bulkhead.
Shaping the lower transom (click to open/close)
Once the blocks are shaped to the last bulkhead, we then shape the lower transom. This will nick off the bottom of the last bulkhead where it extends beyond the profile piece.
The waterways (click to open/close)
The blocks also extend beyond the waterways. These pieces were glued in place and the blocks cut back to them. The tops of the blocks were sanded to match the curve of the upper edge of the last bulkhead. With the blocks shaped, the keel, stem and stern post were glued to the profile piece. Next step in construction of the prototype is a radical diversion from the instructions. Originally the waterways had only six of the sixteen notches laser cut for the bulkward stanchion. It is required of the builder to cut the remaining notches. On the prototype all the notches were laser cut to maintain consistent size.
The stanchions on the bulkhead (click to open/close)
According to the instructions the stanchions on the bulkheads are cut and shaped, then the waterways were fitted to the hull. I felt the beefed up hull was strong enough so I cut off the stations even with the top of the bulkheads. The waterways with all the notches cut are delicate and can be pulled or warped out of shape. Without the stations in the way, the waterways were epoxied on the top edge of the bulkheads, creating a smooth nicely shaped sheer line.

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