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The deck will be built in sections (click to open/close)
The deck will be built in sections, first location will be at the forward mast, then the capstan base and finally at the location of the second mast. first take the location of beam four off the plans. It measures four inches back from the inside of the apron.
Deck beams are cut to length (click to open/close)
Deck beams four and five are cut to length and fit to the hull. Here beam four is set back from the apron four inches.
Mast partners and knees are assembled (click to open/close)
Mast partners and knees are assembled to the beams out side the hull. The knees at the ends of the beams are only set in place to keep the assembly square.
A slight out of alignment (click to open/close)

Looking very close to the assembled section you can see a slight out of alignment of the pieces. Where the mast partners are above the beam is about the same as the outer rim of the nickel. This demonstrates the actual building is within about .003 thousandths of an inch. Once the deck has been completely built it will be sanded and all parts will be smooth and level.
Setting the deck into the hull (click to open/close)
When the assembly is finished it is set into the hull in its proper location on top of the clamps. The only pieces that are not glued are the knees at the end, these will be fit later. From here I jumped to the capstan base between beams 8 and 9. All the beams have to be trimmed to fit into the hull. The two white sticks are McDonald coffee stir sticks at the location of beams 8 and 9. Cut the ends of the stir stick with wire cutters until they fit the hull from side to side. When you have the right size mark the center of the sticks and the center of the beams. Mark and cut off the ends of the beams. You can build the deck starting from beam 1 and working your way to the stern placing each beam in order. I built the three sections at the forward mast , the capstan and the second mast and placed them in their exact locations. If any adjusting has to be done to the deck it will be done in between these set locations.

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