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Gluing 30 grit sandpaper to the bottom of a scrap piece of wood makes a sanding sled. This sandpaper is very thick and used in auto body shops to grind car bodies. The hull was given a preliminary shaping before the half and cant frames were put into place. This was done so the inside of the forward frames could be reached from the open end of the hull. The rounded shape of the block allows it to ride up on the edge of the forward frames shaping the hull as it goes along. Looking close at the surface of the frames you will see this first sanding is very course. It doesn't take much to sand the hull to shape. By the time 120 grit paper is reached, all the score marks are gone and the surface is as smooth as marble. When the cant frames and half frames are added, the hull is given another sanding. As far as the bevels on the forward frames are concerned, they are shaped when the hull is sanded. There was no prebeveling or preshaping of the cant frames before they were added to the hull.


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