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All millwork is custom ordered

To place an order, select the wood you want from our sheet stock collection and then select the size and total linear feet from the custom millwork chart

About Us

The Lumberyard is a small business primarily for the model shipbuilder, however our collection of wood and mill services are used in all aspects of fine woodworking. Being a one man/one woman operation, we sometimes find ourselves busy as little beavers trying out best to meet reasonable delivery times. On an average, orders are shipped in 2-3 weeks, but sometimes the next day. We are continually searching out rare, exotic and unusual woods to give your product that special touch.

Dave has been building model ships all his life. He worked for 29 years in the graphic arts field, always rushing home to work on his ship models. He took the leap of faith and went into ship building and woodworking full time - resulting in this buisness. If you have questions about wood or ship building, you can contact Dave at

Although our focus is custom milled work for model ship builders, we also supply wood to carvers, wood turners and all types of model building and woodworking. We have been supplying wood for ship modeling since 1984 and have assisted many customers in selecting the perfect wood for their projects.

As you browse through the many pages of this website, you will find much more than just wood. We have aligned ourselves with several websites to bring you a wealth of information on the elegant and fascinating hobby of model ship building.



Because of the many different sizes, shapes, and weights of products we sell, your shipping charge may be overstated at the time of checkout. Once we receive your order, we will manually calculate the shipping based on actual usps rates at that time. YOU WILL BE CHARGED ONLY AS MUCH AS IT COSTS US TO SEND YOUR PRODUCT.

Ev runs the business side of the Lumberyard including order processing and fulfillment. If you have questions about shipping costs, or need any additional information, contact Ev at