Ipe Resawn Strip - 3/32" x 1" x 24"

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Weight: All these listed woods fall into the range of 60 to 90.

Grain: Almost always straight.

Figure: The woods in this group will have a range of colors and figures from a solid even color to streaks and marble like figures. When freshly cut, the colors and figure will be bright and bold. Once the finished surface is exposed, the wood loses the brightness of color and tones down to a darker more mellow appearance. When the wood is cut into narrow strips and small fittings, the bold figure will disappear and you will have subtle shades of color

Texture: Ultra fine and uniform, very dense and heavy.

Properties: These woods all share the same general characteristics of being stiff and brittle with a dense compact structure. Because of the woods' hardness, working with hand tools or carving knives would be difficult and slow going. Sanding with power tools warms up the wood and brings out the natural oils thus gumming up and clogging the sanding paper. Sanding by hand gently and easily works best. Their machining and turning properties are excellent. Joinery work can be machined to a clean smooth surace with a crisp sharp edge. Very delicate fittings can be turned on a lathe. This group of wood can be brought to a polished marble like finish.

Uses: Small fittings and turned items, railings, blocks, moldings, cap rails, trim work and wales, planking for decks and accent planking on the inside and outside of the bulkwards.

The following woods are offered in 3/32 strip stock for rails, cap rails and wales. Thicker strip stock along with square stock for carvings, fittings and turned items are also available. Contact us for pricing.